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Connie’s Story

December 15, 2021

Young fundraiser, Connie, made a wonderful £50 contribution to our Children’s Ward after undertaking some fundraising of her own. She is proof that no matter your age, there are so many unique ways to go above and beyond to support us!

Connie gathered a selection of sweets, books and games which she then went on to sell at the end of her road. She sold a range of items to neighbours, friends and local passers-by, proceeds of which she kindly donated to UHD charity.

Connie stopped by the Poole Hospital charity hub where she was awarded a certificate, and also crowned our Young Fundraiser of the month for September 2021.

“I wanted to raise money for children who feel poorly and can’t be at home with their families. I hope that raising money for the hospital may go towards buying new toys and activities to might make them feel a bit happier.”

If you or a younger member of your family are looking to fundraise for us there are so many ways you can do so! Find out how you can do your own fundraising and if you’d like to have a chat with a member of the team, just get in touch.