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10 new reclining chairs make rest possible during chemotherapy

September 29, 2023

The Jigsaw Unit at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital now has 10 new reclining chairs to help make patients a little more comfortable during their chemotherapy treatment. This means every patient having chemotherapy in the Jigsaw Unit can now sit back and relax as they try to get some much-needed rest during their treatment.

These chairs will be putting 150 patients in the more comfortable seats each week.

Making this all possible, is the fantastic fundraising champion that is Hilary Coleman who started a hugely popular fundraising drive earlier this year.

Hilary has first-hand experience on the unit and the importance of finding comfort amidst the storm of treatment. Hours spent in bolt upright chairs had left an indelible mark in her memory.

In fact, this is where her desire to alleviate the discomfort of her fellow patients began.

Hilary said: “I was there from 11am until 6pm some days and being in an upright chair is really uncomfortable. However, one day, I had a really comfortable recliner chair. To be able to put my feet up and close my eyes was just amazing. It’s so important for people to be able to relax as they have chemo.”

It was in that moment, Hilary started her mission to fundraise for more reclining chairs through University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity. Originally Hilary wanted to provide two more, costing around £1,900 but she went on to raise more than she ever imagined.

Just four days in, Hilary had raised enough for one chair. So many people in the local community donated and the support was flooding in from friends and family. Hilary was blown away by everyone’s generosity and she found it a good way to take her mind off things. Hilary describes this as therapeutic at this difficult time.

Hillary raised an incredible £6,115 to purchase three chairs and inspired fundraising by two other amazing supporters who raised enough for another two chairs. The Ferndown and Parley Rotary Club and Faye Clifford’s Open garden also raised an amazing amount this year to allow us to purchase all the reclining chairs needed for its ten bays on the Jigsaw Unit.

Fundraising Officer for University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity said: “These chairs are more than items of furniture. Instead Hilary’s fundraiser became symbols of compassion, offering comfort and support to those who needed it most. Thank you so much to the fantastic four supporters for funding these much-needed items and to all the kind people that donated to their fundraising efforts.”

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity is continuing to fundraise for more reclining chairs for the Cancer Care Unit at Poole Hospital.