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New fleet of iPads for patients recovering from strokes, all raised in memory of missed mum

May 2, 2024

In April, James Keith from Bournemouth unveiled a flock of iPads and rehabilitation technology on Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s stroke ward in honour of his late mum, Beverley.

The iPads funded through James’ generous donations will help families connect via FaceTime with their loved ones receiving care on the stroke ward. They also come equipped with specialised rehabilitation apps, games and audiobooks to help patients feel less isolated during their recovery process.

Strokes can cause weakness or paralysis on one side of the body, and can result in problems with coordination, dexterity and balance. So, each device is attached to individual carts for easy transportation, rotation and adjustment for all users.

They also all carry a tribute to Beverley in the form a blue sticker reading: ‘With love, from Bev.’

James said: “It felt a little overwhelming at first but it was amazing to finally see the real benefits and difference the pieces of technology will have on future patients.

“The plan was always to help combat patient loneliness, and after speaking with the ward, we decided to use the funds I raised on some kitted-out iPads,”

“Family members who may not be able to be there in person can now access important information sharing, watch and encourage loved ones as they have their physical rehabilitation sessions. Or at the very least, family and friends can just be there as a friendly face to see and communicate with remotely which is especially important for patients needing hospital care for some time.”

Dr Louise Johnson, consultant therapist in stroke at University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, gave a huge thanks to James for all his incredible fundraising for the Stroke Unit.

Louise said: “People with stroke can be in hospital for many weeks, and we know that activity – including social and cognitive activity – plays an important part in the recovery process.”

“These iPads will allow patients to remain connected with loved ones as well as provide opportunities to keep busy with using rehab apps, games and audiobooks.

“We are so grateful to James for raising the funds to allow every patient on the Stroke Unit to access these resources.”

Beverley Keith suffered a stroke in November 2020 and spent the next 62 days on Poole Hospital’s stroke rehabilitation ward. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, her time with family was extremely restricted, and she spent 55 days on her own in hospital.

The family utilised FaceTime to connect with Beverley at the time. Sadly, she passed away in January 2021.

With the help of supporters and the local community, James raised a phenomenal £15,100 and it’s fantastic to see every penny raised, spent wisely on items like this that make a real difference to patients that are above and beyond NHS funds.