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David Harris takes on half-marathon cider race after recovery

October 24, 2023

David Harris takes on half-marathon cider race after recovery

40 year-old, David Harris from Hamworthy received a diagnosed of bowel cancer at the age of 38 in April 2021. His health took a sharp downturn when he started experiencing respiratory difficulties.

David who was typically an active individual, found himself struggling to climb stairs without feeling breathless. While he initially attributed his fatigue to the demands of parenting a young toddler with his wife, he decided to seek medical advice. Thankfully, after undergoing tests, David received prompt treatment following his cancer diagnosis.

Fast forward 2 years and David has just completed his first half-marathon, with a twist! On 19 August, David took on the Henley Ciderthon to raise funds for the Cancer Care Unit at Poole Hospital.

This popular fun run was David’s way to work his way back to fitness after recovering from Bowel cancer. This is a light-hearted fancy dress half marathon where you get a quarter of a cup of cider or soft drink every 2 miles along the course.

Dressed as the Walrus Crew, David was joined by his brother and a friend for the race and his whole family and circle of friends came along to cheer them on.

With the help of all his friends and family, David raised an amazing £2,055 for University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity. Every penny has been chosen by David to go towards the Cancer Care Unit to thank the team for the care he received as part of his chemotherapy treatment and surgery. David has been working hard with a special recovery trainer to regain his strength and rebuild his fitness.

Determined to resume back to normality at home with his wife, Victoria and daughter Elizabeth, David is now back to his camping, kayaking and all things family fun. Not stopping there, David the opportunity to re-train in something new and studying counselling, especially as he found it helpful to process the last few years.

Fundraising Officer, Amy Beauchamp say’s: ‘David’s positivity is infectious. It is fantastic to see how him looking forward now and celebrating how far he’s come. This fundraising activity is certainly something different but that’s what fundraising is all about, having fun and I am pleased he’s enjoyed raising funds along the way!”

Sharing his advice to anybody who has a cancer diagnosis, David say’s “Be organised and write down what you are told at your appointments. Recognise the things you can’t do and accept it, you can’t waste energy worrying about what you can’t do as it slows down your recovery. You have to redefine your idea of a good day and stay positive where you can.”

David is now having yearly observations instead and while David’s running shoes may be hung up for winter, he’s promised to return to the Henley Ciderthon next year.