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Robotic Tilt Table


We need your help to raise £190,000 to buy two Robotic Tilt Tables so we can provide safe and effective early rehabilitation to some of our most unwell patients.

Our physiotherapists often care for very weak and sick bedridden patients, including ICU Covid patients who need intensive rehabilitation after being removed from a ventilator and patients with spinal injuries from road traffic accidents. Prolonged horizontal bed rest for these patients can lead to loss of function and weakness in their lower limbs, as well as damage to the cardiovascular system. One of the key factors in their recovery is to start rehabilitation in a vertical position as soon as possible once they are admitted to hospital.


How it works

The Robotic Tilt Table is a specialist device that helps patients to safely start early therapeutic lower limb exercises following neurological damage. Bedridden patients are strapped into the device and robotic leg movements begin whilst the table is slowly raised to a vertical position. The Robotic Tilt Table allows safe physical therapy in a very early stage of rehabilitation, reducing the amount of time patients will need to spend in hospital.

The Robotic Tilt Table offers physiotherapists a safe solution for early rehabilitation, improves recovery and can reduce the amount of time that patients with neurological damage spend in intensive care. Can you donate today to help us fund two Robotic Tilt Tables? 

The sooner we reach our fundraising target, the sooner the device can provide enhanced rehabilitation to some of our most unwell patients. 

You can support this appeal by:

  • Making an online donation below
  • Calling us on 0300 019 4060/ 8449
  • Sending in a cheque made payable to ‘University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity‘ to one of our Freepost addresses:

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity,
Robotic Tilt Table,
The Royal Bournemouth Hospital,
Castle Lane East,

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity,
Robotic Tilt Table,
Poole Hospital,
Longfleet Road,
BH15 2JB

Funding for this Robotic Tilt Table is beyond the scope of what the NHS can provide. If total funds raised are insufficient or exceed the target then they will be used to support University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity on alternative projects and appeals that are needed most.